The central vitality area of High-tech Zone in Heyuan

  • Project Location:Heyuan, Guangdong
  • Design time:August 2019
  • Project Status:International bidding process
  • Land area:30 hectares

Project Description

The central vitality area is the core strategic area of the high-tech zone. The design goal is the core landscape area of the central vitality area, which is an important area that reflects the dual qualities of an ecological river source and a modern river source.

The design proposal is based on the design concept of "central greenway, floating garden". Through creative solutions, the problem of green space fragmentation caused by urban roads and building layouts is reduced, and the integrity of the central green island is emphasized and strengthened; through the roof garden and the sky garden, the inner courtyard garden and the waterfront garden four-layer garden, space It forms a continuous three-dimensional floating garden.

With the overall goal of building an international modern technological industrial city in the high-tech zone, we will give full play to the first-mover advantage of the central vitality zone and base on the functional characteristics of the large-scale green infrastructure of the high-tech zone. The venue further integrates the urban industrial space and landscape culture to create multifunctional urban living rooms such as green sponge, low-carbon environmental protection, cultural creativity, smart innovation, leisure and entertainment, and social interaction.

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