GED is a comprehensive and professional landscape architecture design service provider. It is dedicated to the planning and design of urban public space, scenic tourist areas, human settlements and business environment, agricultural tourism and pastoral complex. By cooperating with tourism, planning, ecology and water conservancy, emphasize the intersection and integration of multiple disciplines, advocate cross-field creative design, and explore optimal solutions with multiple values.

GED is an internship base of ZJU and CAA, aiming at creating a comprehensive landscape architecture research base integrating production, teaching and research.

GED has obtained the national high-tech enterprise certificate since its establishment.

Design Philosophy

"Ge" means only by thinking and deducing repeatedly can we understand the "whole course". "Ge" represents our design methodology: a comprehensive design method integrating scientific logic analysis and artistic quality sublimation.

Faced up with the original state of the site, we seek multi-disciplinary cross-analysis and research, scientifically solve the problems raised by the site, and artistically explore creative solutions.

Team Purpose

The core of GED is to keep improving, maximize the added value of design, to maximize the comprehensive value of the project. From the pre-planning to the project implementation, we have professional senior designers to follow up and control the whole process, providing customers with the best quality service.

Company Culture


Explorer, creator and leader of landscape

Forge ahead-Energy
Quality innovation—Art
Industry leader—Responsibility
United efforts—Team
Fulfill trust—Honesty

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