Landscape Design of Hangzhou Jiuqiao Public Open Space

  • Project Location:Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • Design time:April 2019
  • Project Status:First place in the competition
  • Land area:40 hectares

Project Description

The design takes urban shared space as the carrier to provide urban residents with an atmosphere and place for life sharing, health sharing, vitality sharing and wisdom sharing. The design shapes the greenway into a green linear smart space, connects the urban public space like a necklace, and forms a continuous and open urban green corridor system through four strategies: slow travel, vitality, wisdom and ecology.
Based on the functional orientation of Jiuqiao International Digital Trade City, it is designed to connect public open spaces such as harvest lake, community park, riverside green space and street green space, so as to create an urban vitality "Park +" integrating innovation and exchange, wisdom sharing, business interaction, cultural experience, ecological protection, leisure and recreation.
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