Hangzhou Steel Heritage Park

  • Project Location:Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • Design time:December 2019
  • Project Status:International bidding process
  • Land area:48 hectares

Project Description

Chimneys, blast furnaces, coal distribution bunkers, gas cabinets, and factory buildings, which represent the once glorious history of the industrial beasts gradually fade away and become the historical value of the site. The site is rich in landscape resources. And Maling Mountain, as the remaining veins of the mid-levels, is an important ecological resource in the site.

The design awakens the dormant relics and reshapes the boundary of civilization. The crossed axes show the design concept of sharing and interaction, metaphorically forming an intersection between industry and nature, history and future, science and art, and virtual and reality here.

Combining the historical traces of the site from the natural fields to the ten-mile steel city, the green natural substrate is restored, and rich business forms are implanted in the original industrial remains to form five "rusty continents" and "garden islands" scattered around.

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