Planning and Design of Linjiang Central Park

  • Project Location:Nanchong, Sichuan
  • Study area:25 square kilometers
  • Design scope:10 square kilometers
  • Design time:July 2022
  • Project Status:international bidding

Project Description

Linjiang Central Park is like a new leaf along the Jialing River, providing continuous vitality for Linjiang New District and the whole of Nanchong. The design takes "a leaf of Jialing" as the overall concept, and through the four strategies of cocoon breaking, spinning, printing and dyeing, and brocade weaving, a beautiful picture scroll of the Jialing Riverbank is woven. This is a natural paradise that coexists with Jiangcheng. It is a one-leaf ark that represents wisdom, low carbon and ecological resilience. It is also a model of industry-city integration that combines inward integration and outward growth.

A leaf of Jialing is more than green.
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