Meishan Central Park Planning and Design

  • Project Location:Meishan, Sichuan
  • Design scope:78.7 hectares
  • Design time:March 2022
  • Project Status:International bidding

Project Description

Meishan Central Park is located in Meishan, a modern city with beautiful mountains and clear waters, full of the charm of the east slope. It is a central vitality park serving the new city center of Meishan in the future. The design puts forward the overall concept of "seven volumes of literary makeup and thrush, to the taste", with Dongpo's literary rhyme as makeup, green landscapes as paintings, Qinghuan scrolls, ink scrolls, green lake scrolls, smoke village scrolls, green hill scrolls, and Lanzhou scrolls. The Shore Scroll and Hidden Forest Scroll are divided into seven divisions, unfolding slowly like a long scroll, composing the most flavor of the world.
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