Landscape Design of Shuanglin Temple in Yiwu

  • Project Location:Yiwu, Zhejiang
  • Design scope:39,770 square meters
  • Design time:August 2021
  • Project Status:Plan completed

Project Description

The design takes the traditional landscape as a copy, with the design concept of "Mirror Heart and Maitreya Pure Land" to create a picturesque "Zen state".

Design along the water system to form a viewing sequence of washing the heart, mirroring the heart, and feeling the heart.

Xinxin: Enter the mountain gate through the traffic turntable and enter the territory of Shuanglin Temple. There is a clear pool at the turntable. After entering the mountain gate, the road passes through the mountain forest path and seven stone towers. The overall environment is clean and solemn. "Heart King Ming" states the realm of "purifying the law and purifying the mind, the mind is the Buddha".
Jingxin: When you go out of the path, you will suddenly see the light, Jingxin Lake is reflected in the field of vision, the fork in the road leads to Guanxin and Xinyuan squares, and the bell tower and Zhaoguan Pavilion stand on both sides. The garden image with the lake as a mirror is a metaphor for Fu Dashi's realm of "being able to observe the mind, correcting the mind for self-observation".
Juexin: Entering Sanmen Hall and entering Shuanglin Temple, surrounded by streams, waterfalls hanging on the northeast side of the lake, the lake is as calm as a mirror under the waterfall, which is the state of enlightenment, highlighting the "Knowing the Heart, Knowing the Mind" in "Xin Wang Ming" Buddha".
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