Changshu Qinhu Park

  • Project Location:Changshu, Jiangsu
  • Design time:April 2019
  • Project Status:Under Construction
  • Land area:300,000 square meters

Project Description

The landscape green area is divided into five areas based on the ancient five-tone "Gong Shang Jiao Zhi Yu" as the design clue:

Yu-Art Exhibition Area-Yigang City Living Room: Taking "City Living Room" as the theme, it integrates various unique arts and cultures of Changshu.

Wei-Waterfront Commercial District-Qingwan Urban Waterfront: "Urban Waterfront" as the theme, with lakeside leisure, commercial shopping, dining and entertainment, and water sports as the main functions.

Jiao-Cultural Sightseeing Area-Taying Cultural Square: With the theme of "Cultural Square", the traditional cultural elements of Changshu, such as poetry, painting, music, and drama, are concentratedly expressed.

Gong-Ecological Dike Island Area-Lvze Ecological Dike Island: With the theme of "Ecology Dike Island", make full use of the original long dike to construct ecological activity sites of different scales and functions.

Shang—Sports and Leisure Area—Nuanping Shared Garden: With the theme of “shared garden”, a rich topography is created to form a terraced garden with high and low heights and a multi-functional activity space.

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