Reconstruction Design of Waterfront Space in Yangzhou Canal Sanwan Scenic Area

  • Project Location:Yangzhou, Jiangsu
  • Design time:March 2020
  • Project Status:Built
  • Land area:15 hectares

Project Description

The waterfront of the canal is adjacent to water but has poor hydrophilicity and lacks highlights and details, which has become the key content of the transformation.The design is based on the concept of "returning the river to the people", opening the canal space to the park and leading the site activities to the river; the focus is on creating a waterfront greenway with different sceneries, and a memory wharf and iron wok square are built along the line And other cultural nodes.

The construction of the Sanwan Ecological and Cultural Park will, on the one hand, create a new cultural landmark for Yangzhou, and on the other hand, it will play a leading and exemplary role in the construction of an integrated ecological civilization in the Yangtze River Delta.

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