Reconstruction design of Tonglu Tongjun Mountain

  • Project Location:tonglu, Zhejiang
  • Study area:137.5 hectares
  • Design scope:5.75 hectares
  • Design time:February 2021
  • Project Status:under construction

Project Description

The design continues the landscape pattern of the landscape garden, constructs a safe and healthy water circulation system, and creates a landscape that blends water and green. Through the construction of various forms of water bodies and vegetation, an ecological and cultural landscape axis is formed from east to west from the riverside viewing belt, the falling water landscape, the pond waterscape to the mountain and the urban landscape. The general situation and refinement of the natural waterscape in the ancient landscape paintings reproduce the natural waterscape in the traditional garden landscape, present the dynamics and statics, and create different forms of waterscapes in the site.

At the same time, combining the historical and cultural characteristics of the site, implanting themes of art appreciation, Chinese herbal culture and science, to create a representative mountain forest park of Tonglu with cultural characteristics, and promote the "poetry and painting cloud mountain" tourist scene.

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