Landscape Improvement Project of "Shuanglongxi" Scenic Spot in Jinhua

  • Project Location:Jinhua, Zhejiang
  • Design time:June 2018
  • Project Status:Built
  • Land area:159.76 hectares

Project Description

This project is located in the Jinhua Mountain tourist area, as the main entrance of the national AAAA tourist area Shuanglongdong scenic area, and the entrance facade of the entire scenic area.

Based on a large number of studies on nature conservation projects in the early stage, the design team found that the reservoirs and valleys in the site have a very high landscape value, but at the same time there are more restrictive conditions.
The design is based on the design concept of Exploring Creeks and Bays, positioning the site to meander between the natural landscape and the beautiful scenic road. In the design, we have a natural and subtle attitude, making it clear that human beings are an individual in the natural process of the site.

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