Landscape Design of Jinhua Chishan Central Park

  • Project Location:Jinhua, Zhejiang
  • Design time:January 2018
  • Project Status:Plan completed
  • Land area:100 hectares

Project Description

Based on the existing ecological base of the site, integrating landscape elements, urban culture, and combining the leisure needs of local and surrounding urban people, it creates a multi-dimensional landscape travel experience.

Heavy mountains-Beishan, Nanshan;
Re-watering-Lakes, waterfalls, pools, streams, ponds;
Hidden Valley-Luting Valley of Shanlin, Lintai Waterfall Valley, Fengdan Youju Valley, Green Grass Terrace Valley, Linxi Fragrant Valley, Fragrant Snow White Sand Valley;
Layer Gardens-Wetland Garden, Fragrant Scent Garden, Stacked Water Garden, Terraced Field Garden, Light and Shadow Garden, Zen Garden.

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