Hangzhou Caihe Future Community Haitang Park

  • Project Location:Hangzhou, Zhejiang
  • Design time:June 2020
  • Project Status:Under construction
  • Land area:1.4 hectares

Project Description

The design extracts the connotation of the “link” (LINK) of the seawall. As a medium between people and the community, the landscape site has a link with the natural environment, and a link with the history and culture.
The double-center building takes the lotus and the traditional cultural characteristics of the sea pond area as the design concept, abstracting the form of the lotus petals into the main elements of the building. The architecture is compared to the "lotus" and the landscape is referred to as the "lotus leaf". The "lotus leaf" is set against the "lotus", and the building is supported by the landscape. The design simulates the vein texture. The main vein of "Ancient Sea Pond" diverges to the surroundings to link the landscape site. Leaf veins have the connotation of link, which echoes the concept of LINK.

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